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Having a hard night


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I'm so sorry your family has not been supportive. :( Your self-talk is something to be aware of; it seems particularly harsh at the moment. I'm listening, but I do hope that you can be gentle with yourself now. All of us struggle from time to time (me too).

Feel free to express yourself here as much as you need and are comfortable with, if it is helpful.

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Sorry Phreebird. I am going to repeat myself, but future always brings hope.

I used to have this prayer as my signature on this site, even though I am not very religious :)

God, give me Grace to accept with serenity

the things I can't change,

Courage to change the things

I can change,

and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Things will get better for you, cheer up :)

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Thank you for the serenity prayer, it has also been my mantra for a long time. Sometimes you just can't see through the haze to focus. I am doing better this morning, other than being tired as I didn't sleep much. going to try and focus on positive things today. just want to feel better, tired of the emotional roller coaster. i've had a lot of changes in my life recently and coping with them all is a struggle, but most of those changes i just need to accept and learn to live with, always the hardest part. sometimes i am just to hard on myself, and blame myself for others actions, i internalize this and just create more problems for myself. still working on changing the way i think.

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