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incest or what is this?:s


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Hi guys this is my first time posting here.

i suffer with ocd which comes in random bouts esp when i'm stressed or feeling unwell.

now i haven't been diagnosed by a prof yet but i know it's ocd as the worrys hijack my mind throughout the day.

So Tuesday i was in bed sick watching a soap and then something said triggered off in my brain a worry from my past.

: on vacation this year i was staying with my family for 12 days and i had to stay in the same bed as my sister .. but i needed to jack off two of those nights, i couldn't do it in the bathroom for fear i'd be caught and so i had to do it in the bed (basic no fingering) ,i had to act like my sis wasn't there which was weird. my ocd has been eating me up ever since saying it must have been incest and why would i do that? btw i'm a teenage girl.:3

after this thought came another of which i wasn't sure if it was true: what if i got off to thoughts of one of my uncles who looks like charlie sheen,

all this had me non stop worrying for the past 3 days and today too. It's too weird/embarassing to tell anyone and i feel like i've committed a crime so much so that i almost broke down into tears the other day and told my mom!!D:

do you think i sound like a creep or a normal teenager with ocd?

should i tell anyone my problem? im scared my friends will judge/dislike me then.

When i am not sick in bed i'm going to see a prof about my ocd

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Hi amathaya, and welcome.

We're not really in a position to diagnose, but I would point to two things. First, there's the fact that you have a history of obsessive thoughts and you are already doubtful of this one. And second, you said you had to pretend your sister wasn't there, so assuming you didn't touch her at all, how would it be incest? {You also didn't mention your sister's age; is that relevant?}

Now, I know that it generally doesn't help for someone to try to debunk obsessive thoughts, so about all I can say is, I hope you get well enough to visit a professional soon. You really don't have to suffer with this alone. Would it help to talk about what's stressing you?

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Welcome to the forum!

As Malign said, nobody here can diagnose you, only a professional can do that, if there is a need. It is excellent that you are able to recognize that you have a problem here and are planning to seek help!

If you did not touch your sister, then how could this be incest? I can understand why you are feeling so worked up about this, I have had some experience with my own inappropriate behaviour towards my siblings as I hit puberty, but for me this hasn't become a problem, though I imagine you are struggling very much with these obsessive thoughts. I want to reassure you, you haven't done anything wrong! Some people may say your actions were questionable, but there is no harm done here other than to your own mind. Hopefully you will learn to recognize and avoid situations that may trigger such feelings in you.

I don't think there is any need for you to tell your friends or family about this incident, as there is the chance that they may judge you negatively. Like I said, no harm done. Now it is up to you to accept that what happened, happened, there was nothing sinister about it so you can forgive yourself (it is obvious you are experiencing guilt over this) and move on. Is there any way we can help you with this?

As for those thoughts about your uncle, I would say this is nothing to worry about. People sometimes become attracted to family, and as a teenager, your hormones are bound to be all over the place. It will pass in time. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Maybe you could share a little more about your obsessive thinking (behaviors?) and what is causing you stress?

Take care,


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no of course i did not touch her -_- . she is 11 if you must know.

it's the fact she was present in the same bed ! even though she was asleep.

i'm obsessing so much i almost told my mom.

Thanks very much for the advice but i don't think you guys understand i can't just forget. i need to tell someone anyone face to face for confirmation that i'm not a fricking mentalist. i was thinking of going to one of my best friends who is like a sister to me. what do ye think?

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But neither of us suggested that you just forget. Two suggestions were made of people you could talk to: us, or a professional. If face to face is an important part of this, I guess it would have to be the professional.

I'm not sure exactly what a "mentalist" is (I understood it to be a kind of psychic), but if you mean mentally ill ... how might you react to a diagnosis that doesn't involve incest, such as OCD? Which would be worse in your mind?

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