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Community guidelines/FAQ?


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You aren't bothering us with your questions, PP.

You aren't missing the community guidelines or FAQ pages. They haven't been formally written, as of yet. We are still in the process of doing this since the move and change of site ownership. I apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this might cause.

Please feel free to ask one of us about any concerns or questions you have at any time.

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Thanks for clearing it up, IJ! I know we had them on the previous site, so I thought they would be here too. It's no problem, I feel better knowing I'm not just missing them :P

LaLa is right, I just wanted to know if what were the rules on post/blog content.. I don't want to be posting anything that is not appropriate..

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Hey, Norm. {I too have programmed in COBOL, back in the day. We don't boast about it so much any more, though.} ;-)

There aren't any guidelines yet because I haven't written them ... Try not to hold it against me.

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Unfortunatelly, the rules are not yet available :(.

The basic principles of the "old" rules which will always be valid are related to issues like:

- general politeness (vulgarisms, obscenity, ...)

- prohibition of detailed descriptions of suicide attempts and injuries, ...

- prohibition of advertisments, ...

The changes will be due only to some "trivialities", as: On the old website, it was impossible to write the 1st post in other section than "New mwmbers post here", but this new website/software cannot provide this restriction. But here, the very 1st post has to be approved by admins or moderators before becomming visible.

I think you don't have to worry about the rules and can feel free to communicate with others here as you wish to! :)

BTW, I like your "signature" (the life lesson)! :)

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