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hi everyone


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sorry ive been away for so long. hope i didnt worry anyone. things got kinda complecated for a while and i had to work some stuff through on my own. its all good now though. i have a few more things i need to take care of but i finaly have a little free time. so hopefully ill be able to get on here again from time to time.

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thanks :) glad to be back.

im goin on a camping trip in a cupple days. from the 6th to the 9th. so needless to say i wont be able to get on those days. but i look forward to tryin to help those that i can here. ive learnd alot in my time away. good things like im not as unlikeable as i origonaly thought i was and some of my stringths and limatations. and some not so good things aswell. but i found a way to support myself in times of distress when for one reason or another i cant ask anyone for help. its been a very informative time in my life and im glad i went through it :)

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