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I dont trust my husband and I really need help


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I am getting married almost one year,my husband loves me very much as he showed it to me,befors marriage I was living with him

but honestly I dont trust him

He is a business man and he is working at home and yesterday I was near him and suddenly he closed the page of his email,

I saw it before also but this time I couldnt not to be quiet,and ask him why he did that ,first of all he said he didnt do that but when I

told him that I saw him he told me that it was an email from his boyfreinds and when I told him show it to me he denied and told me that he deleted it

I cannt trust him ,he lied me before that he was contact with one of his ex and he told me that she is a simple freind but then I discovered that he lied.

and she was not the simple friend,she was a girl that spend two weeks in his house but finaly my husband doesnt like it and they remained as a freind but my husband didnt tell me that

I really need help ,i think relation without trust is imposible and I really ask what to do now

thanks for helping me

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It does sounds strange he has to close the email unless it was some silly stupid innocent joke email from his boyfriends that your husband would be embarrassed for you to see....its hard to tell why he closed the email...some men are immature or have immature male friends....

You say he treats you good and thats very good...so he must care for you...maybe you should hire a private investigator...then you will see how much of an honest man he is...I am thinking about doing that myself if my relationship with my boyfriend will last..

But to this ex of your husband...its not a good thing that he lies about she being just a friend, he could have told you the truth..I am not sure what you mean....but if she lived in his house while you and your man were living together or when you two were married then I must say thats real unacceptable behavior from him...if she lived in his house before he met you then thats something else...

If my husband took in an ex to live in our house and not tell me she was an ex I would not have trusted my husband...if this is the case I think you need to talk to him about this...its true trust is so important and if one cannot trust then relationships are doomed to fail ( unless you can hide your distrust most of the time )

I have same problem, trying to trust my boyfriend but there are things that seems kinda weird sometimes...

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