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Eating problem


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I still can't stop eating too much. I know i could do something else instead like going out etc. but it seems i can't leave home, can not do anything at all. To do anything takes great effort. Even atm i want to go get something to eat and i eat a lot then. i feel this desire like all the time. trying to distract myself from that does such a pressure like i'm deviding myself..

Honest.. Help..!

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Hello LaLa3!

I'm ok. I decided to don't worry so much about that since couple month ago i lost weight, became skinny. But now i gained weight again. Maybe it was needed but i hope to be able to keep myself in shape.

The reason why must be that im depressed and manic at the sqme time, so i just grab some food.

Other activities? Good idea, i"ve thought about that too. Maybe i should start with relaxing. That's what i need the most..

Thanks :)

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Thanks for the "up-date"! :)

And what about trying to eat only a healthy food? When you don't even buy unhealthy stuff, than if you have "cravings", you will only eat something that won't cause much problem. I know it's easily said than done, but I've been trying to shop and eat rather healthy for about 6 years now and it's going fine, so I know it's possible, at least :( when one's not depressed or manic...

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