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shifting again


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I feel like i'm too far up again. The meds I am on felt like they were working, but now I am not so sure. I was told to try and write some things down so here it goes...I am agitated and feel like screaming at everyone and no one has done anything to provoke it. My thoughts are racing and not all of them are good. I'm scared and hate admitting it. I feel like I have taken 30 steps backward and have lost sight of the people around me. I don't want to fall like I did before. I know after this up there will be another down. I don't want to end up back in the hospital......

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I'm sorry for your struggles, lostbutlooking :( :(

Have you learned any techniques along the way? Any strategies for when times get rough?

Some people respond to deep breathing exercises, calming music, exercise, positive distractions like a good movie...

I have to go out, and things can be slow here on the weekend, but you are certainly welcome to keep talking here.

If information on mental health would help, there is a lot to read on www.MentalHelp.net

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I'm sorry you are struggling. If I can ask you a few questions, just so people may be able to offer a little more insight..

What meds are you taking and how long have you been taking them? What made you think they were working and why has that changed?

Please, keep writing you thoughts and feelings out here. You are welcome to "shout and scream" here, let everything out, but I know that isn't quite the same. What strategies can you use to keep your thoughts from racing? Distracting yourself sounds like a good idea right now.

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