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insightful article about therapy

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It's mostly about the therapeutic relationship, but from quite many perspectives and with many examples of concrete patients and therapists:


I recommend it to everybody doubting if trying therapy would be a good idea, as well as to those who're alredy in therapy and experience some problems (mostly with "falling in love" with the therapist, but not only!!). It's also about some troubles therapists may bring into therapy due to thier own personal problems.

After reading it, feel free to share your comments with us ;)!

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Interesting article -- but I never did get what I felt was unconditional love in therapy. I did with my Emotions Anonymous sponsor, though. Maybe because she had had similar experiences and could really understand? Which my therapists couldn't, because they had not had those kinds of experiences directly.

What I have gotten from my current therapist is a feeling that she understands my different emotional states, at least intellectually. That helps a lot, though, and she's familiar with the process of recovery, which helps, too.

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I'm glad that you mentioned here that therapy can be effective also without that feeling of love, because it might give hope for those who don't feel it and thus feel puzzled by articles like this one!

For me and my healing, this particular feeling was very important... I wish everybody could experience this particular love and its benefits...

Added later:

DD, I hope you don't mind when I quote what you wrote in another place of this site:

In my support fellowship (maybe in all 12-step programs) we have a principle: “We do not care who you are or what you have done, you are welcome.” That unconditional acceptance has given me some peace – at least sometimes.

I think that the therapeutic "love" and the "acceptance" you described are very close, maybe it's often/sometimes even only a matter of definition and the acceptance may be sometimes perceived by the patient as love...

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