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My life continues its out of control spin. I have a great family and great job but I am continually anxious about them both. I need to run but am too afraid to do so. I just need to rest and for all of this craziness in my head and in my soul to stop. I am so emotionally tired. Does anybody have any idea what I am talking about?

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Hello, MedinaDad, welcome :).

Indeed, I'm sure many of us know what you are talking about... :( Anxiety can be very hurtful and can change our lifes dramatically if it's out of control.

You didn't mention much concrete info, so I can't tell you enything specific, however I may offer some thoughts and questions:

- You seem to me to suffer from anxiety disorder - but I'm not a professional to be able to diagnoze you, moreover I don't have enough info about you. However, it might be useful for you to look for some info about this condition (on Wikipedia, for instance)...

- Anxiety is often relatively easily manageable and even curable by medication (that's what my doc told me approx. 3 years ago and that's what my own experience confirmed to me very soon after... ;)) - it's, in general, easier than many other psychical conditions/disorders. However, it's always better to look deeply at the underlying processes, causes, ... - and this is done in therapy or counseling.

- Have you considered professional help?

- When did your anxieties started? Was/is there a trigger?

Please, do know that there is a possibilty of change, of healing. Don't stay stuck in this hard situation - seek some help before it will somehow ruin not "only" your emotional life, but also your family, relationships, work, ...

Take care!

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I've been seeing professional help for 12 years now. I was commuting to DC each week and the paranoia set in. People were watching me, following me, plotting against me. It all came crashing down on me when I got into a physical fight with a client at work. I forced myself to go to my doctor and he diagnosed me as having bipolar disorder. He put me on meds, I gained 100 lbs, and things only got better for a little while. I'm now seeing a shrink and have been on just about every combination of meds. They seem to work for a while, but nothing as good as I need it to.

My sending is out of control. I received a $20K bonus check and it was gone in a week. Nothing much to show for it. My anger rages and I find it difficult to control it. I haven't hurt anybody but I did get my ass kicked in Detroit and was seconds from beating some guy in Disney World in from of my kids. This has to end somehow. How is it that modern medicine can't help me?

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I'm sorry I was so mistaken - your first post really didn't gave me many clues...

So, bipolar is indeed much more complicated than just anxiety disorder. But I know some people here who live with it and manage quite well. I hope you'll get in touch with some of them...

Yes, it's sad that medicine can't yet help everybody - not only psychiatry :(. Why? Well... no matter how frustrating it feels, it's the matter of fact: "we're not in the end of the effort to discover good meds for every condition". What more can be said? :(

However, psychiatry has one advantage: The big aid of psychotherapy. What does it mean you're "seeing a shrink"? You mean psychiatrist for meds, or therapist for "talikg therapy" (if yes, then which sort of?)? Because "talikg therapy", although may last many years, can be a considerable support, help, ...

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Sorry to hear about your problems, MedinaDad. I've had bipolar for several years and luckily it's pretty well controlled by meds.

Sounds like you're in the middle of a mania (spending, getting angry easily). how long has that been happening? Has your doc explained that meds for bipolar often take a while to work. And you may need to try a few combinations before you find a cocktail that works. so please don't give up on meds too soon!

Also, there are some non-med things which may help you. For instance, anger management classes. And seeing an individual therapist/counselor to work through what's going on with you and how you can deal with them.

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