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way to get help/Psychiatric hospital for free

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I'll get to the point, I have no job, and dead broke, and want to seriously get help before I get worse, as sucidial feelings are returning and bad timing has caused a lot of undealt-with emotions to come flooding out at the onset of great spiritual termoil.

A year ago, I attempted sucide and never went to a hospital or anything, I just moved out of the house I was living in, and I never dealt with all the issues leading up to it. I know I need help, really bad, before it starts again. But I don't know where I can get it when I have NO MONEY.

Another concern is my religion as a Satanist, I had my last shrink as well as a cop (who got a call from online friends that I was sucidial) trying to convert me and tell me to follow the bible and such. I can't have any of this, I'm a Theistic Satanist, and I can't have someone trying to wage war on my faith.

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Hail! It's rare to meet fellow Theists in the Satanist community, you are very well met. I will say that I used to be the same way until after I gave my life to Lucifer, ever since then I haven't felt the overwhelming depression I used to deal with. However, if you are indeed experiencing mental problems that you think needs attention, I recommend looking for a mental institution to check yourself into. Since you are checking yourself in, you can leave whenever you feel you are ready to, assuming you are not dangerous to the public, and they will help you find a way to pay whatever charges you do incur, and if you are in a real bad spot, they might just waive the fees completely like they did with me.

Either way, I really hope that works out for you, man. If you need someone to talk to that understands not only your current situation but also your religious preference, I would be more than happy to lend you my attention. Darkest blessings to you, brother.

-Ave Satanas

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