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I am new to this and can't even figure out how to use it


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I have just joined and can't figure out how to use the site................ How do you type in anything on a subject.

I am very much a LONER and have depression and anxiety. Been ok for a couple years but the last couple weeks have been really down and I need someone to talk to and don't have anyone.


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Hello, FaithB, welcome :)

You've succeeded to post your text here, so it seems it's finally not so problematic ;). I hope you'll get used to this site soon. But feel free to ask concrete questions about problems you encounter using this site...

The problem with the first text might be that you didn't see it when you wrote it - it's because the first post of every member has to be approved by moderators before becoming visible.

I also hope you'll find some support, insights and friendly realtionships here.

Would you present yourself a bit? How long have you been depressed and anxious? Are you in treatment? ...

Take care!

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Welcome to the community, Faith. :)

I'm sorry that you've been feeling down. :( It's good that you reached out. Feel free to keep expressing yourself here, as you feel comfortable with doing so. We're here to support you.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is actually a 'help' section about how to use the site. Now that your first post has been approved, though, you should be able to post freely throughout the forum.

Take care.

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