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weird drunken issue


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hello, good morning. before i start this, i am really drunk. which is why im posting. i have been meaning to ask this for ages, usually when i am drunk, but as ever when i wake up sober(ish) i don't think it is a problem and never get round to doing anything about it. i really didn't know where to ask this, this is probably the wrong place seeing as it is mainly about depression etc, but...i dunno

as i said above, it only bothers me when i'm drunk and it doesn't bother me sufficiantly to go to the doctors, im just curious.

anyways. this "problem" first occured when i had heat stroke on holiday when i was about 10. i had terrible nightmares. i remember it vividly from a child. it was like...a field, but very vertical, where giant boulders that were also very far away were rolling back and forth. and for some reason it was horrific and distressing. basically, everything was really really far away, and very small (i know, this sounds odd). there were boulders rolling up and down, and i know this doesn't sound like a nightmare but it was horrible. i later experienced the same when i had bad bouts of flu/illness or other sorts of nightmares as a child.

i now get a similar thing when i am really drunk and close my eyes. the world seems to go very far away and everything seems to be, well, very far away. it's really difficult to descirbe but it's a really horrible feeling, one that is only averted by opening my eyes and trying to stay awake. i've been meaning to ask this for ages, but i never knew where and seeing as it only happens nowadays when i am either very drunk (as i am now) or really ill, i never get round to it.

i tried googling it, but didn't get anywhere (you try googling why is everything reall far away when i'm drunk). i never get round to it when i'm sober, cos...well...i'm sober.

but anyway, i know i'm being extremely vague but...its almost impossible to describe. just wondering if anybody could shed light on this. it annoys me when i'm drunk, and i don't fancy wasting the NHS's time by ringing them up drunk at stupid o clock in the morning and trying to describe it. i don't pay my taxes to waste their time

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Hi declan, I have read accounts about bizarre perceptions, so you are not the only one experiencing this. There is plenty about the brain and the mind that we do not know. People who take drugs can be left with strange reocurring perceptions too.

How are you doing with managing your anxiety in general? Life is pretty challenging! I doubt we can help you with an explanation for your experience, but if you need to talk more about this or about other issues, we are here.

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I may be overly simplifying this or it may simply be this simple.....

It seems to me every time something detrimental to your health occurs, heat stroke, illness, excessive drinking... Your brain tries to tell you something is wrong. The fact it keeps reoccurring is probably because your subconscious feels you aren't recognizing the messages you're being sent.

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