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What is the severity of my major depression?


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I would like to know what is the severity of my major depression (moderate, severe or somewhere in between) if I have the following symptoms?




Weak memory

Oversleeping (12 hours)


Not sharp

Lack of confidence

Very slow processing speed

Disturbed sleep

Food doesn't taste so good

Hardly get hungry

Don't enjoy music like before


Sleep timings get disrupted sometimes

Walking back and forth in the house for no reason

Intense boredom


Don't find anything interesting

Feel life is not worth living, too much up keep

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We don't do any diagnosing here, but I would think the severity of depression would depend on how much it is affecting your life. Are you able to function with daily routines? Are you seeing a doctor or therapist for your depression? We can listen and support you, if expressing yourself helps.

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My depression is stopping me from leading a life

I am so low I sleep for up to 16+ hours aday

I am 99% of my time bedroom bound

I don't have the energy to get up shower cook eat get out of bed

I sometimes stay in my home up to 9months straights

I am always tired

I hate myself my life and the world

I can't go outside as I see people are all happy and I am sad all the time

The days fly down and roll into one

I am always bored I do walk around the house back and forward

I can wake up shower eat stick a movie on 15mins later get bored go back to bed

I read half a page of my book at a time I used to read a full book in 3days

Truly what is the point my life sucks and always will I can't change it

I only eat one meal aday as that's the only meal my mum brings up I'm 24 and been like this for years getting down then on a high again on a high just bit better can wake shower go shops can watch 3 movies straight can stay awake for me than 4+ hours

Sunday ... Got up eat dinner went back to bed was awake one hour great what a life no real fiends on the outside family think I am lazy

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To answer your initial question: sounds pretty severe to me, but a doctor would have to go over this with you as it also depends on how long and to what degree plus how you are in a f2f situation. It's really not possible to say on the net. From what you describe you should definitely see a doctor, imho. Are you on medication? A doctor would assess whether this could help. This sort of thing might also get better with some therapy.

The other thing is the habits we get into, the patterns of our lives. When I am very depressed, I live just like you describe. After a while it becomes a pattern which is self-perpetuating. The only way I can get out of it is to break it somewhere. For me it is going out and being with people which breaks the habits. It serves as a distraction, which slowly broadens my world when it has shrunk. Slowly is the operative word, but it does change it. It does seem like everyone else has a better life than you, when you are stuck in the pattern and only go out now and then. I just have to persist and try to go and do things I used to find interesting. I am also not really going out except to one lecture a day and to choir once a week. That's basically it. Can you find a way of breaking your habits of living? Sign up for a course or join a club that does what you might find interesting, like hiking or birding or model airplanes (none of which appeal to me in the slightest, but I am just giving some examples). What used to interest you, even if it was long ago? Phone a friend and go and visit them, take a 20 min walk every day? Each little thing helps a bit.

It's very hard, but it helps to go out and do the very things you don't feel like doing. It's the hardest thing. I know. I don't always practice this, but it really does help. to find something to do that takes you out of the world you have become used to.

What do you think?.

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Thanks for your replies. Sorry about posting reply so late; I wasn't expecting anymore replies as I had started the thread last year.

@newguy yeah I think we are in the same boat as we have the same symptoms. And I also have no real friends despite being 30, and my family till recently thought that I was lazy. Maybe they still do. They don't believe that I have depression!

I also hardly get out of the house, maybe that's why my vitamin d level turned out to be very low when I got it tested (main source sun exposure). And low vitamin d can cause depression. If possible please get yours tested. Take supplements if required. I wish we both get better. This life really sucks.

@luna I have tried medication in the past, but the results are not there. Once I got a epileptic fit because the meds were not working and the doc put me on highest possible dosage which had the risk of epileptic fit. Other time I got some results but only after I stopped taking the meds completely. I was doing okay for couple of years but then I was given some antipsychotic injections which put me at an all time low.

I will soon be starting on homeopathic treatment, and hopefully experience life just the way one is supposed to.

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