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I need to talk to someone; I tried logging into the chat room, but it says I don't have permission to enter it.

Accept my apologies if I should have read any rules of which I am unaware; I just would like to speak to someone and talk about life and mental health.


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Well, the real problem is the terrible error message that I haven't changed that's attached to the Chat Room. In fact, the Chat Room isn't active at all, because it's too difficult for us to monitor. Our moderators are all volunteers, so there's no way to guarantee around the clock coverage, and due to the sensitive nature of our site, that kind of coverage seems advisable. So, it's turned off; I just need to change the default message that came with this software to say something more intelligent ...

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In fact, I've gone ahead and removed the Chat option from the menu entirely. Having it there was doing more harm than good, making people believe we were offering something we weren't. I should probably do the same with Gallery and Download, because we don't use those either, but no one seems too put out about those.

My apologies for any disappointment or hurt feelings.

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