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I must face the fact that my gambling addiction is a problem that needs to be stopped. I have lost too much money the last two years its just horrible. I score high on the online tests about gambling addiction. My addiction is so bad that I know help programs wont help me as it is the access to the gambling site that is the problem...so I need to get someone to download a filter for me and someone who never can give me the password they used to install the filter. It must be a person whom I can never get the password from ever again.

I have searched the internet for filters but see only filters for pc windows users.

I need a filter for mac os....

Can anyone recommend a great trustworthy website that has filter for mac os?

I need help soon as I am afraid I will lose more money if I dont get this filter soon...

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I did a quick search and found K9 Web Protection. Do a Google search on: mac gambling filter software, and it's the top result.

Also a reputable online casino should allow you to permanently close your account, similar to banning yourself from a regular physical casino. I've never messed around with online gambling so I don't have any experience with this myself but they have to realize that some people will have a problem and it's just irresponsible of them to not have something in place to help people help themselves, IMHO.

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A filter for your computer may help, but I think it's unrealistic to expect to cure an addiction completely by passive avoidance.

Anyone skilled enough to install a filter is skilled enough to get around one. Simply downloading a different browser would work, for instance.

It's like removing all the alcohol from the house of a drinker. It does help with impulse control, but if the person themselves isn't committed, there are stores all over town.

That said, you can make an unbreakable password for yourself just by closing your eyes and typing at random. If you don't trust yourself not to cheat at that, my guess is that you're going to need more than just a filter anyway.

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Thank you so much for your replies. I will look at the K9 :) The website I am at has choices so one can chose to play for a certain amount of money in the month and to be banned for up to 3 months, I thought this was great until I found out seconds later that I could just go to my choices again and change them, plus just contact the website if I decided I would not be banned anymore. That was just ridiculous. I agree they should have help so people really could help themselves.

If I get someone else to download a filter on my mac or I myself download a filter and close my eyes not knowing what password I chose will downloading another browser to my mac make the filter useless?? is that you mean malign? because if so is then I am not safe. Is it possible to download filters for both browsers? I now have only safari.

I will admit that the thought of closing my eyes downloading a filter scares me, but I know I am willing to do it. It will be somehow painful, but its worth it.

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I have now downloaded the K9. I have the installer up. I dont have a user lisence, I guess that its only the password that needs to be secret for me?

But how can I put settings so I am sure the k9 blocks gambling sites? I guess I have to make a new secret password after setting the settings?

Well, I have done it all now and have a password I dont remember at all, 13 signs in a messy mix. I made sure I couldnt remember the password when I should try write it in. I found it great to not remember it.

But then I see I can request a new password :( how am I gonna help myself when I can do this??

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You need to go into the settings where you select categories to block and check "Gambling." Try searching the online support; I don't run this software nor am I on a mac so I can't give you detailed instructions. The online support is at http://www1.k9webprotection.com/support/overview.

As for the fact you can request a new password - well you can always get around a filter which leads to Malign's points above. That is why you have to do more than just try and block yourself although having the filter in place can at least give you a chance to think twice. No software or external party is going to do the hard work for you, at least not that I know of.

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I contacted the k9 for support about this issue asking them to be banned from being able to request new password...they could of course not do that but took notion. They said I well can get another person to change the password and keep the password and also give k9 this persons email address to be used as their contact email if things should happen. And so I cant get new password request to my own email address. If I find a person who I know wont give me my password back then I hope I will be safe. Best would be to find an authorized person who is not like friend/family. But thats maybe difficult. And of course I am afraid not being able to change k9 if things should mess up my mac or something.

I am thinking about who to ask. Its not enough with a friend, I dont trust myself there. It must be someone I am scared to ask.

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