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I am always looking to improve myself and I'm always looking for opportunities in my everyday life but I haven't been feeling quite as fulfilled as I want to be so I'm looking to social networking for help. I'm currently not seeing a counselor and I wish I were. I'm 22 years old. Graduate of college. Living at home. Terrified of applying to jobs and not getting jobs. Diagnosed clinically depressed at age 14 and then diagnosed ADHD at age 15. I'd say I dealt with severe depression from age 11-19. I'm doing much better now. No suicidal thoughts, no self harm, no heavy drug use, as I did in the past. I now deal with anxiety, self-esteem and a tendency to experience no more than a week of feeling down. When I was younger I had a lot of online friends. I no longer am a part of any social network that I interact with strangers and variety of people. I feel it will be helpful.

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Meh, I won't refer directly to your previous post since you decided to take it down, but indirectly: we don't have any forums that refer specifically to any kind of contagious disease, but you might find it adequate to post about the corresponding psychological symptom, such as if it makes you feel depressed or anxious. Or, you could use the forum you suggested. Basically, it's what feels comfortable to you. Opening up is hard enough without having to worry about where it should go ...

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