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I need help... (Drunken sleepwalking)

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Hello. Im not really sure where to begin.... I am a 24 year old woman who enjoys her beer. I don't drink everyday but when I drink it is no problem to drink 7-15 beers in a sitting. In the last month I have been waking up in random places in my house. Also I seem to be urinating on the floor and waking up naked. This is not only disturbing but disgusting. I do not sleepwalk when alcohol is not involved and sometimes I wake up and am fine. Today was especially bad as it was blamed on the cat. I need to stop this and obviously the simple answer is to stop drinking. Please everyone I am welcome to your suggestions. I am so confused and bewilldered.:eek:

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I sympathatize.

But, the first thing that you do is stop. Do not drink any alcohol at all.

Whatever word you use: hard, difficult, impossible, those words are irrelevant. What must be done, must be done.

Do not drink.

After you have stopped drinking destructively, a conversation may begin.

But, until then, a conversation is not possible.

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If you bother to look here again, here are some answers. You are doing what is called blackout drinking. Alcohol works on the brain and anesthetizes a portion of the brain as you drink. Alcohol is a sedative---although it may not appear so. As your brain goes to sleep, you continue walking, talking, etc.

Educate yourself on the effects of alcohol on the system. Then you may not want to drink as your system seems to be particularly sensitive to alcohol. The other advice is great---stop drinking. Decide if a beer is worth the problems it is causing you. And the problems will become worse if you continue to drink.

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