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Spiritual battle

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A couple times in my life I have been beaten up severely from evil. It happened again when I did go to bed last night.

The three times this has been happening in my life it has been happening in two places, but mainly the place were we felt "some evil presence" as children.

Our old grandparents house which is now burned down, our brother shot himself in that house 27 years ago. The stairs in that house, that lead down to the front door to get out of the house was always felt with an evil presence, it was just uncomfortable walking in the stairs and around that front door.

Me, my sister and my sisters daughter has all felt bad there.

Last night I got beaten up when trying to get out of that door. My head was getting punched with hundreds of blows. But I noticed that my arm was sleeping when I woke up from the blows, and I woke up on my back. I always wake up on my back when this has happened.

The same happened many years ago, while sleeping, but then it happened at my other grandmothers house. Then I got punched from the top of the stairs and down till I fell. When I woke up my chest was tender. After our grandmother died I had a dream with her in it and I woke up from painful dizziness in the head.

All the three times I have got punched with blows.

When I now write I remember that these horrible dreams/attacks has not only happened three times but several times, to a lesser degree a few times. One time I dreamt I was in my grandparents house ( with the door and stairs that felt evil )and there was a bed in the living room and evil came and threw a horrible battle with storm that swept the whole bed up while glass was cutting all around us and it all just got swept out in nowhere in evil.

Is it possible to be attacked by satan during sleep or can someone wake up from such blows and its just reactions in the body/head during sleep? I started calling for Jesus and said his name several times as I got scared as the punches did go on during waking up.

I thought about my brother last night a minute or so before going to sleep, that the bible say that those who kill themselves go to hell and I dont want to believe that my brother is there but with God. The thoughts left my mind very soon. When I did lay down to sleep I was not thinking anymore about this.

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First I'm going to say that I'm not a Christian, that I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, and that I interact with spirits a lot. I have my intellectual doubts about spirits on their own being able to do the things you said, or that it is Satan, however that part is irrelevant I guess.

Second, I don't see why no one has responded to this, it's pretty serious.

Okay, so I'm going to offer practical advice. Basically, this spirit is able to hurt you becuase at some point you accidently let (I've done the same thing before). However, since you can allow it, you can also disallow it. What you will need to do is assert yourself. Based on what you have said, you probably are not powerful enough to do it on your own authority, so you will need to externalize your desire in a symbol or power, in this case it would be Jesus and/or the Christian god.

It's more involved than just that, and I will consult a friend today who more experienced than me on to how to best advise you. I will make the post today or tommorow with more specific instructions. Though I might private message you them to avoid anyone else using them, least they accidently miss-use them and then harm themselves.

that the bible say that those who kill themselves go to hell and I dont want to believe that my brother is there but with God.

It doesn't say were people who comitted suicide went, actually. So you can be rest assured that he isn't nessisarily in Hell. Though some traditions claim this or that, it's not actually in the Christian Bible.

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