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schizoaffective mom committed today was HARD.. any advice?

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My mom was committed to a state hospital 1.5 hours from me today. She is sick.. so sick but she doesn't think anything is wrong. This is the 3rd hospitalization. All 3 were involuntary commitments from a court order. I found out today her official diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder with exreme paranoia,

She is increasingly going down hill and its to the point where i am considering guardianship to make choices for her. She is eligible for disability because of the diagnosis and she is hearing impaired. She just wouldnt let me apply for her.. She wants to work but is unable to find a job because of her illness. She makes crazy associations and says off the wall things that make me fear for her.. She has no friends. no money. no car. .. she has no home .. i had the police take her to the hospital last time and she just cant come back home with me.. it sounds so awful but my mom is going to be Homeless in a matter of weeks.. whenever they release her.. the state she is in has THE WORST mental health care.

she goes on spending sprees at the $1 store/writes license plate #'s down, is always talking about the fbi.. talking to nobody on the phone in the earliest of hours..

its so freaking hard because she doesnt see that shes sick.. she has lost all contact with relatives.. she hates me and im her youngest daughter.. nobody else wants anything more to do with her.. they all have given up hope..

She refuses to take medication and even told me on the phone yesterday that she had to go "pretend to take a pill." but when i had her hospitalized last yr in Ohio.. they forcibly gave her medicine by court order and for a few weeks . she seemed a little better..

How can i help her see that shes sick:? seriously i need help// thanks whodey

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Welcome to the community, Cadia.

This situation sounds so difficult and painful. :( It must be that much harder on you if you are doing this alone, and especially if she is responding negatively to you. :( My father has shown some signs of decreased capacity recently and, even with my sibling's support, it is so very difficult for me. My heart goes out to you. I can tell you are a very caring daughter.

It does sound as though your mother may be unable to adequately care for herself at this time. Do you feel that the mental health facility will release her in this condition? You mentioned that you are considering guardianship. Have you spoken with an attorney about the possibility of this?

I hope you have some kind of support system at home. You might also find it helpful to be compassionate and gentle with yourself. This is stressful and painful for you. It helps me to do things that relax me and bring comfort and joy.

We are here to listen and support you.

Take care.

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