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Hello ppl, after been extremely happy with my preganant girlfriend and then been very depressed when see lost pregnancy and left me. Now i feel better.

Im working trying to keep my mind busy, im back to therapy and maybe next week ill be back to meeds.

Ive made a deal with my therapist, she feels responsible for my life and told me she wont report me. All i have to do is go more often and we will start some heavy therapy, ive agreed to this since i dont want to end up in a mental facility. I feel ok but somethings have changed, i have more self-esteem but it seems some days i just dont feel nothing, its hard to explain.

Ive been going to therapy for almost 2 years now, and talked about suicidal toughts some time ago, so i dont know where she got the idea of reporting me, it kinda of scared me i think maybe shes just threatening me so i do things.

So ill be around, reading and posting its late and i sould sleep so maybe ill write more tomorrow. I stilll dont know if the title of the topic has anything to do with the content, i felt like i was going to write a lot then i got tired. :P positive thoughts for all ;)

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