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I get kinda nervous and weird around people in my college but I cant find a reason of why I put myself in that mood ... I need some advices because I´m not enjoying life at all ... I just wanna be chill and enjoy life ... but sometimes I just get stress really fast and easy that makes me feel insecure, with fear and anxiety and I think that I need advices for that problem. I have 17 years old .

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Hello, Blink, and welcome to the community. :)

I can relate to your struggles with social anxiety. I have struggled in the past with this. Things can get better. Do you think you fear the judgment of others? I did, and it has helped me to remind myself that all of us are human and we're all imperfect. Your classmates are likely focused on their own stuff. Practice has also helped me tremendously. I work in retail and must interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis. I find I am more and more comfortable with this now. You can do it too.

Also, you're at an age where you are becoming increasingly independent and with this comes additional responsibility and stress. It may take some time to adjust to the changes in your life. You may find it helpful to use some methods of relaxation, such as meditation or any other activities that you find calming. I hope that you can be very gentle and kind to yourself too. I wish you well and hope your school year goes well.

Take care.

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