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trying to brake 10 year cycle


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trying to deal with my girlfriend who suffers from bpd. i have learned alot of helpful things, but i still can't figure out how to deal with her behavior when she pulls away. things will b going great then she for no reason just starts distancing herself. if i say something about it she either says she has just been busy or she gets really defensive. i have to be VERY careful with how i bring things up n what words i use or she just errupts. we have been on this cycle for ten years. i can't just let her treat me like crap n not do her part in the relationship but i have no idea to get her to understand how her behavior is wrong and how it is negatively effecting our relationship. i'm at a lost feeling hurt and very frusterated. any advice?

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Hello am i right in thinking that your girlfriend has biopolar? If so i suffer from that too and im so sorry too hear you are suffering but believe it or not i do sort of understand what you are going through as my partner has too go through what you do every day. He cant say something without me snapping or shouting at him i cry for no reason i take everything he says too heart no matter what he says. I push him away nearly all of the time and it really does hurt him and i see that but still cant help the way i am. Its horrible having too live like that with an illness that is not curable but it is controlable on the right meds. I do admire you for still being there for her you do have the courage and strength if you have stood by her all this time. You both seem to have come along way too just throw away what you have i know it can be frustrating and you cant seem too turn too no one because no one will understand but atleast your doing something about it and talking seeking self advice. Mine started as post natal depression then went onto manic depression now has turned out too be biopolar and being just 26 thats really hard too come too terms with. I really hope you have found this useful but please feel free too reply bk if you do want too talk :)

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