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I've heard good things, indirectly, about DBT, particularly for trauma survivors and those with unusually volatile emotional reactions.

Personally, I think that many kinds of therapy can help a person; some may work better than others with their personality type, but it may be hard to guess which ones without trying them. I think that the rapport with the therapist is by far the most important thing, and many therapists adapt their therapy to their client, which suggests they agree with me.

I hope you keep trying until something works, O.

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I tried DBT and it didn't really do much for me, but like Malign said it has been found to work well for some people. I heard from another therapist that DBT can help people who are more emotional while CBT works for more rational types. This is all just someone's opinion though so don't take it as the last word. Personally I think I would get more out of DBT today because I'm now on a medication combo that works for me. Back then I wasn't and so therapy was much harder. People are so different in the types of therapy they respond to that the only way to know if it will work is to try it.

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