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I Am Not Sure What To Do?


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Well, I am so down. Especially for last few weeks, and it is getting worse.

Not sure where to start, so I will start right at the beginning.

When I were younger, I was sexually abused. They were caught, thank goodness.

However, I have always wanting to start my own business. And obviously, first port of call is the bank. And they treated me like I were daft. All I wanted was a little help with building a business plan as well. They gave me places to go. But they just shut the door in my face.

Anyway, I turned to the Internet to build a business. And tried blogging, affiliate marketing, and the like. Now even tried building a forum like this, but different topic.

I am currently unemployed, have been for years, moping from one job to the next. Bosses never understanding me, and I work 10 times more harder than anyone. And I can not even get a job now. First reason is because no one will employ me, and second is because of my wife's ex partner who will not leave us alone to get on with our lives. In court because of the kids, every single year. Saying we have stopped him from seeing the kids, when in fact he stops coming, when every week kids are waiting in window for him.

I am at the end of my wick, I am not suicidle or anything. And the other thing I can never get an appointment with my doctor due to an infection in my eye, let alone see them about my feelings of being down.

To tell you the truth, I don't even think my wife understands. All she is bothered about is losing weight and going to the gym, than asking how I am or feeling. In fact, we hardly talk, it's more of hi and nite every day.

Thanks for reading me waffle on.

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Hi Crusader and welcome to the forum :)

I am sorry that you are feeling sad. Sounds like you might be depressed. It does, feel sometimes, that all aspects of your life are bad. I can definitely relate to that.

Have you tried talking to your wife about how you feel? Communication is the key in any relationship.

Take care.

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Hi Lana,

She has enough problems without me adding to them, my wife. You see, her nan is in and out of hospital because she has really bad cancer at the moment. The doctors are optimistic she will pull through.

The thing is, I don't want to add any more pressure on her at the moment. Her nan was like her mother, as her real mum never cared less about her.

I will try to talk to her though. I just think it will be selfish of me to drop it on her, when something more important is happening in her life.

And thank you for listening.

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Hi Crusader. Welcome.

I'm sorry for your pain. :( Maybe if you do open up to your wife about your feelings, she will also open up about her feelings about her nan. Sharing and supporting one another may lessen the stress both of you have been feeling. I hope you can also remember that your needs are important.

We are here to support you as well. I hope you will keep expressing yourself, as you feel comfortable with doing so. Take care.

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