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Abuse again at my age and Disabled what to do ?


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I have just joined your community and do not quite know how to communicate with Q&A's. Here's my delema, I'm 54 yrs. old know all about abuse from the past survived it got away from it and now years down the road i find myself Permanentlly Disabled drawing SSA benifits and paying my dearest family member room rent plus utilities and due to her dependency problems and depression she is now transferring her hostility onto me with verbal, mental, and now worst of all physical abuse which i know from past experience it'll only excellerate. Who do i get a hold of in the GA area to see how i might be able to relocate to a place of my own subsidized of course due to poverty level SSA checks.I am actually from FL. and would love to move back there where they offer public transportation since i have seizures also and can not drive anymore. Any true help would be appreciated.

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I am in CA and we have programs that offer low cost housing for people with low or no income. Basically the state covers most of the rent.

This is what I was able to find

www.dca.state.ga.us › Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban - HUD


Section 8 is a great program but I think there is a waiting list.

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