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Happy Holidays


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I know some of us here on this forum are in a constant state of flux. Emotions and feeling going up and down day to day. I want to wish everyone here a happy holiday season. If you're religous (any religon) I hope you take the time to worship at whatever place you consider holy. If you're not, I hope you surround your self with family and friends.

I try to take time to count my blessings and consider the fact I could be much worse off. My wife is in China visiting her grandparents, who're still alive and well. My kids are doing well in school/collage and in good health, my parents are alive and still running the streets enjoying retirement. I'll see friends and family I haven't seen for a good while.

Even with the problems I obsess over day by day, I try to show through the year and especially now some help and charity to my fellow man.

Sincerely, Merry Christmas......Happy holidays.


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