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My story.An aussie's ocd.


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Hi everyone.I'm sorry I hadnt posted this story earlier.I've had a busy day here so far.

I have had chronic fatigue syndrome since early in 2000.In late 2006 I was sitting at home on the day ocd started.I felt what seemed to be a mild static electricity run across the top of my head.I knew my life was going to change from that moment.

I had gone outside to take the junk mail(department store catalogues),etc out the letterbox and bring it inside.I decided to look at it after.90 minutes after I tried to read them.Suddenly the first major sign of ocd surfaced.I had an intense fear of picking up those catalogues.I never picked them up.They sat there until the day I moved of there in 2008.It was cleaned up the day I moved out.

As the days progressed so did ocd.There were more things it stopped me doing.I just stopped doing the following things:

1)unable to move junk mail,rubbish etc from my home.

2)unable to renmove items from my fridge/freezer.(they got thrown out 2 weeks ago.

3)unable to eat when I'm on my own.

4)unable to cook when I'm on my own.

5)unable to prepare food on my own.

6)unable to change my clothes and put on clean or new clothes.(I've been wearing the same clothes for 4 years).

Basically most things in my hame at the time including this home,had to stay where it was left.

I had very few rituals.Very few.Those rituals are almost gone when I started making progress with ocd 6 months ago.The one part of ocd that hasnt improved is my clothing problem.I do have plenty of clothing here,I just cant wash anything or put on new clothing.That sucks.I can eat a lot of food on my own but I need people to visit so I can eat all my food.

As for progress,I have relied on treatments from kinesiologists,rebirthing practitioners,etc.If it works for you,you're in front already.I cant afford to keep these problems so I spend the money to get treated.I'm not stopping now.

I cut out salt,sugar,deep fried foods,caffeine,soft drinks,cordial just to name a few.This has been beneficial.Back prior to ocd I had candida after drinking a lot of cola drinks in big doses.Thats when things started going wrong and the ocd came about several weeks later.

I want to recommend to everyone that I've benefitted from eating several apples a day.I wasnt much into eating apples but in 2007 I started eating them daily.I noticed that I was feeling a little better every few weeks.I'm not giving that up.Here's a website to explain the benefits of all foods:


I hope that you might benefit from what I've learnt.

From your aussie friend.

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To add to this orginal post of mine I have some added news.This ocd version is called "Functional Impairment".The inibility to perform various daily routines of grooming and hygiene.

I now want to find anyone who has got these problems.I would like offer them my support.I am recovering from this form of ocd so I want to help others.

If you have a look at my previous post above where I haver listed the various ways this form of ocd personally affected me.If you are a sufferer yourself or know someone who does please reply here or even leave a private message for me.



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Hello, Chris,

I don't have OCD or similar problems, but I'd like to let you know that I think it's great that you succeeded towards healing and want to share your experiences and advises with others! Maybe you can post about your journey to recovery, regardless of others here replying or not and asking for hearing more or not. These days, there's probably nobody with similar problems among our members reading this forum, but you can never know when somebody who'd need this kind of advise will come - so you may write "everything" in advance ;).

Good luck with your treatment!

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