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What would an abuser/sociopath NOT do and say?


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Internet is full of how to spot an abuser on your first date till 10 signs of how to spot a sociopath.

I wonder what the signs are you probably are NOT dating a sociopath or abuser.I know this sounds weird as it should just be the opposite, but thats not enough as sociopaths many times appear totally normal, they learn to mimic emotions and act like they have emotions and feelings when they dont. They dont have to display any sign of being a sociopath.

So I am thinking it would be easier to think of things that are unlikely for an abuser or sociopath to say or do if he really is not an abuser?

An example : How likely is it that an abuser would say its ok if you did throw the rest of the food you think he would not eat or want anymore?

Is there any behavior to look for that would likely indicate he/she is not an abuser/sociopath?

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I think when we have unresolved issues it is easier for an abuser to find us. I feel the best way to keep abusers out of your life if to make sure you are in a confident and secure mindset.

From reading numerous posts you have made, my best advise is to heal yourself, find peace and more importantly confidence and value in yourself. No one can provide you with these things. They have to come from within.

Once you obtain these mindsets, finding a partner who treats you well will come easier. You will recognize bad behavior and know without a doubt you deserve more which makes it extremely easy to walk away from an unhealthy person/relationship.

Abusers won't find you an easy target. They won't bother and if they do you'll know better.

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