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How to cover up scars, or explain them away?


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(trigger warning I guess for vague references to self harm)

In the past I'd self-harmed but never to the point of scarring- then on a particularly bad night a year ago I cut myself so bad that it scarred. I haven't since, because I don't know, for some reason the fact that it scarred help me stop? I've been able to keep them covered up till now, as they're on my thigh, but I've been invited swimming and really do want to go, so does anyone have any ideas on how to cover them up or explain them away?

There are a fair few brown kind of colour scars that will hopefully fade, but the white ones I obviously need to come up with excuses for in the future.


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I have scars all over from cutting thoughout the years and it will take time to fade, the deeper the cuts, the more time.

there is a scar oil from the Palmers company that is pretty good.and I have tried many brands.

I have been using Palmers on mine from the last episode I had and they have gone from the ugly red to soft silver in a matter of about 5 months.

as far as explaining...if someone actually feels comfortable enough to ask you, tell the truth, that you are a cutter. If they can't understand or it upsets them, then it is really on them how they feel, not you. You were asked a direct question and you answered with the truth. That's noble.

I understand the awkwardness though, everytime I get change back from a cashier at a store or am handed something from someone, my scars on my wrists are exposed, and the looks I get sometimes is degrading and embarassing to me, but I try to realize that this reaction is from a person that does not understand in the slightest what I go through and I try to be happy for them that they don't...they have never been in such a state so...good for them. you know?

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