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New here.... and depressed.


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I am 22 years old, short (5'4) with a small penis (3 and half inches erect). I look like a hobbit. I've also have had a server struggle with mental illness.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot, just with my mental health - and even getting my high school diploma since I have ADD. I also think I have a great sense of humor and have been told that my personality has reminded them of Zach Galifianakis (Which I guess is good). Girls seem to like me but only as a friend (that's what my sister says). So that brings me here today.... 22 years old, unemployed, stupid, dork, unattractive loser. My penis size never bothered me until lately - I always even as a child looked inward and was never really interested in dating or looking good cause I was always more interested in art, spirituality, and movies. However lately me sex drive has increased which has caused me think more about sex and dating. I'm sorry for posting such along post but I feel really depressed. I read some articles about how men who have small penis are less evolved which really got me down. And so I feel like my only options are celibacy or suicide (not planning it, but just can't get the thought out). Can anyone help me?

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dvnJ22, I'm sorry to read that you're so depressed. Most of us ho are members of this board share or have shared many

of the issues which seem to plague you. We are all at the mercy of our genetic make up and eventually

we learn to play the cards we are dealt by fate.

Since you have already overcome several challenges which perhaps none of the rest of us ever faced, it

stands to reason that you will be able to conquer your lack of social skills, as well.

The primary reason you have your genitals is to allow you to procreate as well as for you to be able to

enjoy the act while doing so. These goals can be met with whatever size penis you were given.

When it comes to pleasing a mate, there are many ways to do it other than from the tact of intercourse, so all you need to do is get

busy and start applying yourself.

There are countless partners out there who will accept you for who you are, but they won't find you if you aren't making yourself available to them.

Good Luck!

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I think my biggest problem is low self esteem. My sister whom I'm very close said that I'm one of the best people she knows and she says that she has always a been jealous of how everybody I meet likes me. I don't if that is true, but I trust her cause not only do I respect her but she doesn't lie. If I'm going to get past this I'm going to have to Lean to like myself, regardless of how I look.

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I've had the same problem too. I always exclude myself in anything that might get my small penis noticed. In facing depression you just have to find the solutions to help make your day better (not suicide). I was down for a while but you just gata get in there and try, I had a few girlfriends in the past and ended up sabotaging what could've been a good relationship, to protect myself. I know the feelng you have, it sucks but we can learn to pass it and be happy. I've done it and you can too.

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I feel like isolating myself as much as i can from people, kinda of hard to do that where I live though.... I could move to the mountains. daiting doesn't seem worth it anymore. friendships too. I don't think I was meant to have sex. annihilation of my desire, till death is what I'm thinking of.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so down, dvn. :( Wanting to isolate yourself could be a sign of depression. Have you ever spoken with a professional about your struggles?

So that brings me here today.... 22 years old' date=' unemployed, stupid, dork, unattractive loser.[/quote']

I notice that you are being very hard on yourself here. Can you try to be aware of this inner critical voice? What happens if you try to be gentler with yourself?

Are you able to connect with anything that brings you joy? You mentioned art and spirituality. Do you draw or paint? I enjoy spirituality too. I find it very healing.

Would it help to express yourself more?

I hope you feel better.

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