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Hi. I am new here. I have PTSD, anxiety and Personality disorders

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I was looking into a way to get therapy and happened upon this community. I am very thankful. This is a hard thing to carry around with you. I have quit my last 2 jobs due to I swore I was being picked on and it seemed that I was being singled out. These were 2 totally different professions. I am now without work, money, haven't had insurance in over a year and I am hoping I will be able to get some kind of assistance with that.

I guess I should tell you guys a little about what has happened to me. I was the youngest of 9 children and both my parents died when I was 16. Not together but 9 months apart. I never got over that. I then entered into abusive relationships due to the fact that I was trying to fullfil my life. Did not happen. I went to therapy in 2011 and was diagnosed with PTSD with Anxiety disorders but have not been able to go since due to no money or insurance.

This may seem all jumbled up but I type as my mind says it and sometimes it only makes since to me. lol. Again I am glad I ran across this page.

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Welcome to the community.

16 is very young to lose both parents. That had to be so hard on you growing up. :( Did you have any kind of support at home, someone to talk to about your feelings? What helps you now with anxiety?

It's always sad when a lack of finances impedes anyone from access to mental health care. This is so very important for all of us. Are there any community mental health centers where you live? They may offer you assistance at a lower cost or on a sliding scale fee. I hope that it helps you to express yourself and receive support here.

Take care.

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