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please help/motivation needed !!


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I am 21 years old male !! I mastruburate !! and i told this to one of my group of friends !! now they were making fun of me but i was like ok and was not taking it seriously !! i dont know what happened but few months back this started hitting me !! i started feeling guilty !! i am fearing that what will happen if this news spreads !! and it really feels very bad people calling you despo !! i cant remove this from my mind !! although i told some of them personally and they said ok they wont !! i dont know i am feeling ackward !! please help !! i cant concentrate !! i am good in studies !! but this is acting as hurdle in everything !!

i asked this earlier i wanna add this too-

i have always this fear in mind that what will happen if this news spreads !! and i am depressed because my satus will be down and every time there will be a gossip about this topic i wud be remembered !! maybe i will always be remebered due to this !! please suggest what can i do to solve this !! i feel very bad !! please !! although its not bullying BUT I FEEL BAD ALSO BECAUSE MY ONE FRIEND WAS TELLING OTHER THAT HOWCOME HE TOLD THIS TO EVERYBODY and after that i was again mad that how stupid i am my friends will consider how idiot i am and they will make fun behind me !! please motivate me to overcome this !! please reply !! Also i dont know but i have feeling that am i doing bad to my family ??

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