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Am I just being a teenager ?


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I am a 15 year old girl and have been ...confused for the past two years. I have tried to kill myself twice in the past year and I use to drink and smoke. I still drink...I am often irritated and ave terrible mood swings: overexcited to depressed . It can last a months. I very close friend of mine told me that I got overly interested in sex and weight, saying ' if you don't masturbate after two days you get mad and irritated and punch walls' wish is true. Sometimes, because I can't decide btween something as simple as an apple or an orange I won't eat at all because I can't decide. I almost cut my wrists to the point of blood and realized that it was unfair to do this to myself and stopped....

Does anyone have a clue what i have and If not tell me that I am a normal teenager and to get over it ?

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Hello, jojo, and welcome. :)

I'm sorry you have been going through difficult times in your life. :( We don't diagnose here, and I'm not sure what you might be struggling with. I would always want to respect your feelings. It's true that the teenage years can be a very challenging time (it was for me too), but when distress and pain are negatively affecting your life I think it's good to listen to that. Have you received any counseling? Are your parents or any family members supportive? I hope so. Maybe some physical or social outlets could help as well. Do you enjoy any hobbies?

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I'm not sure why people say "you're just a teenager", as if being a teenager isn't probably the hardest thing we've ever done, at least at the time.

I'd skip the definition of "normal" for now (it's fuzzier than very old cheese, for one thing), and suggest that given the amount of pain you're feeling, you might want some kind of help to reduce it, no matter what you end up calling it.

To me (and I've considered the subject, let's say), suicidal thoughts are a mind's way of saying things are too hard and it needs you to change something. And usually, we don't get that far if we already know what to change, and how. That's where the help comes in; it's a lot easier to see things clearly when they're not happening to you ...

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