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Masturbation Addiction


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Hello, and welcome to the community, frosty.

I hear that you are feeling upset about this. I hope you can be gentle with yourself. Masturbation is common human behavior. Do you feel it is excessive? Would it be possible to limit your access to the pornography?

16 can be a busy and stressful time too. You're branching out, becoming more independent, and lots of changes are taking place. Do you have supportive family and friends? How is school?

I hope to hear more from you. Take care.

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Ok no problem I understand and can offer help from a mans point of view.im wondering about your religion or why you are practicing abstinence.what is your reward? Navigateing this is difficult and can be a moral delama . Masterbation I think by its self can help you get the relief you need . It can be beneficial for waiting to have sex befor marriage . If you feel like porn is not helping you or is not in line with your religious beliefs then I would suggest cutting back or put some parameters in line for your self. Also if stopping porn is your goal dr.cam Stanley (lifeafterporn) will help.also be easy on your self this is normal and ok . Your learning how to navigate this. Im here for you .your not alone.let me know how its going.see ya.

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