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I've given up on the whole relationship thing

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I feel like I know how you feel. The only other human I see in any meaningful way is my son. Otherwise I'm completely alone. I live and work alone. I kind of don't even mind that much. I feel very abnormal when I think of how other people live, but when I interact with people at all, I always mess it up somehow. I say or do the wrong thing, and even when I apologize, I don't ever see any forgiveness. I feel like everyone else is perfect and I'm fatally flawed in some way that I don't understand and can never fix.

It's very frustrating, but for what it's worth, I think I understand some of what you feel. I wish I had some sage advice for a sure fix... but obviously, I don't!!!


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ALL of them to be honest. I just wasn't raised to have friends, spouses, or much family. I've tried long enough and it's time to cut my losses and move on.

Join the boat dude, I gave up on all rships about 8yrs ago and lately also friendships just truly don't see the point sadly I was born a broken freak with a skinny 3inch penis and all I get is laughed at called names ect so don't even see the point in trying to date as will just get hurt and well with friendships over the yrs just getting bitter that friends can get girlfriends cheat on them ect they wanna do this or that and all around me I just see happy people in rships so I have just gave up can't be bothered or anything rships friendships the lot just not interested any more what so ever so yeah join the boat no point in it really most women are size queens they know they can just pick up a better hung guy the same day and even now with technology everyone just wants to sit and play on there phones so even meeting up with friends is boring as they just wanna search facebook all the time I'm done with the lot of it tell u the truth and I'm staying away from all of it

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