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Hi, my name is Clare, i'm 25 and let me apologies if this is really jumbled, i'm having trouble thinking clearly. along with having a migraine for i think this is the 3rd or 4th day

For a while i thought i was doing ok, i was on anti depressants and i thought i was "happy" turns out i was just masking it all i think. my prescription for the anti depressants ran out and i wont be able to see and psycietress for about a mouth, since then i learn that my boyfriend got a job in another state (a bitter sweet ordeal) and my parents seem to be loosing faith in me, pushing me away. i use to go to my mother to talk ot he about anything, and now she just tells me to loose wight. i asked my father for college advice and he called me incossistend and prosthetic and to not to look for sympathy near him. with my boyfriend, who is also my best friend moving out on his own for the first time i don't want to bring this up to him, he has a lot on him already, but I've rand out of people i can lean on for advise. im trying to get my life in order but right now i'm just trying to tell my self to do anything stupid. i just don't know what to do with myself latterly. im not even sure what im asking for

thank you for your time



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Hi Clare. How long since your antidepressants ran out? Withdrawal from ADs can produce both headaches, and doubts about how well they used to work (because you're getting depressed again.) Priority one is get that prescription refilled ...

You said you asked your "job" for college advice, and that he wasn't sympathetic ... did you mean your dad? Those seem like pretty harsh words, no matter who said them. I hope you're not taking them to heart, too much. Everyone deserves at least some sympathy.

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Hi, Clare, and welcome to the community.

It's good to reach out for support when you need to. No worries about your expressions. We're here listening.

I'm sorry you are struggling and have such little support at home. I'm sorry your parents have been so harsh. :( Support can be so beneficial to healing. Is there any way to see your psychiatrist sooner than 1 month? As Malign said, your headache could be related to your stopping the medication. It might be something to ask your doctor about.

Do any activities bring you comfort and relief from painful feelings? I hope you feel better.

Take care, Clare.

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Malign and IrmaJean thank you for the advise,

I am planing on contacting my doctor again tomorrow to see if i could get an appointment sooner, I realize that i reached a leave that i should not be taking on by myself. Its been about a mouth since I've been on anti depressants but i suffer form migraines, silent migraines were you get all the wired systems but sometime not always the head-act so you don't know its a migraine till its full blown and you cant get on top of it. I wrote that post when i was still in one of my episodes. I use to volunteer at animals shelters but with work and now school i don't know if ill be able to brig that up again.

but thank you for your time

its just strengthaning that strangers care


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You'd be surprised at how much people, even strangers, care (or at least I was, when I first came here.) That doesn't mean you won't find some people who are mean; it just means you keep looking.

I wasn't picking on your writing. I've known others who had migraines, and it messed up their writing too. I was just trying to understand ...

Being around animals can be very calming and life-affirming. If you live alone and can't get back to working for the shelter, maybe you'd be able to take in a pet (from the shelter, maybe even)?

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