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I've posted quite a bit here in the past couple days. It's been very therapeutic for me to read your stories and your fears. It has really helped me to come to terms with the end of my last relationship, and understand that my ex was actually being serious and that his small penis woes were real.

I really had no idea men could be this fearful and hung up about how well they're hung. I mean, I know there are plenty of jokes and commentary in the media, but in reality I've just never thought it was something anyone took all that seriously.

My experience with smaller members has been in the 4.25-4.5" range, so that's all I can realistically comment on. And those were fine. One guy was the best sex I'd ever had...the other just never gave me, or our relationship a decent chance.

I hope the men here suffering from the Syndrome part of the Small Penis Syndrome are able to take some solice in my sincere point of view and are able to correct their thinking or their behavior. If not, please see a therapist. Otherwise, you run the risk of completely destroying the chance you have at love and happiness, either by not continuing to try and find it, or by acting out of insecurity once you do.

I'm going to leave the past in the past now and say goodbye to this forum. Thanks again for helping understand my most recent guy's struggles. I had never believed him. I'd taken everything personally.

Best wishes.

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