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We're not entirley hopeless

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Doe's life suck for us? Yes.

Are our options limited? Yes.

But we're not entirely hopeless. I've been doing the craigslist chick for a few months now and had a hook up with the cougar that wanted to do weird things with me (via "casual encounters" section on craigslist)......and other guys with small peckers have come here whom were married...and then there's the micro-penis guy on the Howard Stern video who gave a shout-out to his girl of 8 years.

So what is everyone here planning to do? Seriously, do any of you have plans of moving forward or are you going to stay as you are?

Just curious.

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Not sure what my long term plans are. I plan on seeing legitimate independent escorts occasionally on some trips I will be taking. That really isn't moving forward as I have been doing that sporadically for some time. As I am 30 in less then a year, never having had a relationship of any form, my lack of experience is unacceptable to most women. I have probably paid for sex about 7 times in my life. I am uncomfortable having even basic physical contact with females even with little shit like putting my arm around them. I rarely even hug my female friends and they have joked about my being a very unphysical person. These things are all the result of having no confidence due to my lack of girth.

The things I have going for me are that I am good looking and fit and my personality does not deter women so I have had to build up other defenses to deter them. I have female friends who I am close with and have known for years some of whom are very attractive so conversationally I have no major issues interacting.

My current situation in the military will probably prevent me from having opportunities to meet women. Maybe when I am out of Korea that will not be the case. Time flies so I probably won't be able to get it together and improve my situation. I think all I can do at this point is maintain constancy with the healthy things I do in life and accomplish my career goals once I am out of the service. The key is in not letting the depression of this drive me to heavy drinking or prevent me from being inspired to maintain the other areas of my life as this has happened before.

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If clinical depression appears to rear its head then get help fast.

People don't know how dangerous this is and the medical profession can have a great impact- therapists, certain prescribed drugs etc

I really agree its essential to keep up with healthy past times- things to occupy the mind.

Im often happiest at work when I'm focussed on something.

My worst moments are by myself in the evening or in the company of couples socially- so be kind to yourself and plan to avoid these situations.

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