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I got my confidence back. I admit that I took a psychological beating by schools that left me questioning my ### kicking abilities. The bogus DV conviction from 2002 left me with ZERO to lose. In a sense it freed me.

Shit started going down hill at the Apartment Complex I previously lived at last Spring. I got fed up with residents being two-faced and just stayed to myself. Being accused of taking pictures of residents. Being accused of vandalizing resident's property. Being accused of looking into the windows of other residents. ALL of that is BS. I flipped a resident off for talking shit to me. He resorted to calling me a coward so I responded by making chicken noises at him everytime he passed my Apartment.

Some of the residents filed 40+ false complaints against me in a two week period. I got called to the office on 09/19/12 and was told to leave or be evicted. Apparently I got a lease violation in 2005 and another in 2011. I wasn't aware of either one until 09/19/12.

I moved to Kendallville in Noble Co. My rent is $30 cheaper a month. I got a $125 bonus with Chase Bank. I got refunded the credit I had with the gas and electric company.

I made out like a fat rat on Christmas. I got $800 worth of presents. Got a Laptop. Got 5 airguns. Got some other things too.

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