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I've made peace with my possible future.


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If I die a virgin I'm ok with that, Isaac newton died a virgin so I guess I would be in good company, the dali lama too. Maybe one day ill write a novel that becomes a classic, but I'll just be content with pizza and video games.

Lol, dude, just save up some cash and get some call-girls....or, if you're on a budget, 20-30 bucks will get ya what you need---just be safe.


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I didn't have to "find" them; they just kept happening. :-)

But I know what you mean ... I was afraid. {And I often joke to deflect some of the emotions, to be honest.} There were limits to how close I was willing to let other people get to me, back then. I thought that letting down your guard completely, with other people present at least, would be fatal.

Let's just say that in the interim, I took care of my own needs. And, not having ever experienced the feelings of closeness to another human, I didn't miss them as much as I might have. {Pretty literally, I "didn't know what I was missing" ...}

Of course, it also makes it more difficult when you find somebody, because it's like the world's strongest "rebound" effect. I married my first, within the year, discounting all the flaws that were readily perceivable, and I'm still trying to disentangle our finances (we were divorced over a year ago) so that I can get on with my life.

It's kinda cool being a walking billboard for "Don't try this at home." :-)

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As far as getting a hooker, well I know it's old fashioned but I don't belive in sex without love. I'd rather "lose it" in marriage. But I just hate how I'm a stereotype, i'm kind, gentle, small penis, etc. I don't think I was meant to survive. If I didn't have my sisters I would just off myself, honestly i'm not worth saving.

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but dvn that would mean me, most of the guys here, and probably all disabled people on Earth are not worth saving and should be 'put to death'

You gotta stop with that crazy thinking...

I know its not fair whats happened to us, life often isnt fair, but we are all gonna die anyway, so one must live life as best one can.

there no question our size hinders us etc but one can still have golden moments.

I will never have kids of my own but when my sister does I will be a great Uncle.

And last night I had the most delicious meal of my entire life.

So thats something present and future thats positive.

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Actually, that's one of the most reasonable things a small guy can say.

Why continue the circle of misery? Penis size is genetic, why create another guy who undoubtely will get bullied like crazy because of this, with you not being able to do a goddamn thing because of how "competent" schools tend to be when it comes to deal with these things? They'll teach you how to pull a condom over a friggin' banana instead of once saying that sizes for penises come in all variations, noooo, couldn't do that, that would actually be smart and sensible, wouldn't want that!

Seriously, imagine how godawful terrible it must be to see your 16-17y old son being stuck at home every friday and saturday evening because he can't even have the usual lifestyle teenagers today have.

It's like playing russian roulette, how high are your chances that you won't create another small guy with a miserable shit life full of rejection and horror?

Sure, there are successful small guys, but I would say the ratio of successful manager/big shot to McDonald employee/clerk/other dead-end job is in this category is like 8:1.

It's just not worth the hassle, might as well marry to make 100% sure that your life will suck. http://www.alternet.org/story/155904/why_is_monogamy_idealized_when_most_people_aren%27t_monogamous

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Why won't u have kids? Because of ur penis Jessie? U ourta listen to ur own advice, it's so great but then u contradict urself by been so hard on urself. X


I know what you are getting at but I have gone into detail about this before.

Bundy is right in that most uroligists beleive our condition is usually genetic.

the impact on young boys is really quite devastating. Only last year a uk guy commiited suicide due to it.

but of course most suicides don't get reported as being a result of small penises because most guys don't tell anyone- let alone put it on a suicide note.

Im trying to battle through my own life and its bloody difficult. Ive had black days when I was tempted to end the pain.

For me to bring a child into the world with my degree of disability (because thats what it is in effect) would be an unforgivably cruel act.

However I would be happy to adopt. I have been told by lots of people that I would make a great father.

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That's one thing I never got, my father a big strong tough guy, with a normal penis, and hear I am the exact opposite. Honestly I'm putting the prospect of romance out of my life. I need to find a way to be purposeful in some other way, cause I can't commit suicide I have my family. But I'm mentally ill, small penis, female repellent , dorky, nice guy. If I were really intelligent then that would make up for a lot, but I'm not. I can't wait until the aliens invade, I'll submit to their rule and work my up to royal adviser or something lol.

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Why not think of humans as aliens, and work your way up to Royal Adviser among us? It's not that far from the truth, after all ...

{I like your imagination, though.}

Not sure I understood fully, dvn: you said "that's one thing I never got", and then mentioned your father. I guess you mean that he wasn't that great of a father, but then I'm not sure why his attributes are your definition of "being a man". Honestly, I think most women would prefer quiet and gentle; it's just that some of them don't know that yet ...

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"But I doubt there are many women ..."

That's the whole thing: are you willing to doubt your doubt? What are the real risks of testing it?

A risk consists of a probability of the thing occurring, and a penalty, which is the value (gain or loss) if the thing occurs. Both factors typically have to be estimated, and are easy to exaggerate if the penalty includes pain. The estimates will also be very likely to match what you already believe.

It's very easy to be caught in a self-reinforcing loop, where you believe you'll fail so you don't try, after which you're certain you'll fail, and so on.

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There is also something called a confirmation bias. This happens when we only hold or seek out information that confirms our previously held beliefs and toss any other possibilities away. Change often requires challenging thoughts. That's not easy and neither is taking risks, but if you don't allow for the possibilities, they can't occur.

I hope you will continue to try.

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Oh, what I meant was that I didn't the genetic thing, because my father has good genes. But I doubt there are many women my age that want a gentle, soft spoken, guy with a small penis.

If you don't get out there and try to meet them, you have no idea how many are willing to be with you.

I know it to be a fact that many will overlook our flaws in order to find companionship. My biggest problem is in ending the

dating before it gets too far along to prevent feelings from being hurt.

So if they will date a loud mouth like me, they'ed likely cherish meeting a soft spoken guy like you.

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