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embarrassing about masturbation and intursive thoughts?


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I've always had a problem with intursive thoughts mostly of a sexual nature. for example I used to think I was gay, and the thoughts would come up all the time -- even when masturbating. and now I have a fear of pedophile (which scares me becuase I have a little sister) so now when I'm masturbating to women all the sudden images of kids pop into my head! Please helpp, does this make me a pedophile? Also I read that pedophiles are normally short, small hands, and small penis, I have all of those things! please help.

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There are no physical characteristics that define a pedophile; if there were, wouldn't we be using that information to prevent molestation?

It's a bit like saying wife-beaters tend to be angry, and male ...

Intrusive thoughts do occur, and are a symptom of obsessive tendencies. They don't indicate that the person having them really "wants" them; in fact, they tend to be counter to the person's core beliefs. I strongly suggest that you bring up the fact that you have intrusive thoughts (you don't have to say about what, specifically) with your caregiver (you did say you had recently begun treatment of some sort, if I recall.) There are treatments for OCD. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about a link between OCD and body dysmorphic disorders, so it might really all be one treatment ...

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Why wouldn't it? Especially if you're already obsessing about something sexual, like penis size.

There's probably even a higher probability of intrusive thoughts during masturbation, because there's so much mental energy running around in your imagination already. All it has to do is slip over into a fantasy that's inappropriate. Besides, I'm sure once it happens, you're always monitoring somewhere in your head to make sure it doesn't happen again, which means the idea is always there.

You can't stop yourself thinking about something by thinking. So I would stop trying to "get it right"; that sort of testing is a common part of OCD, and it doesn't help (at what point will you actually be satisfied?)

Call. Your. Doctor.

Especially if you're thinking suicide is a viable alternative.

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