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Anyone out there with hypochondrism?


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Would love to meet some people like me.

My hypochondrism started around 7 or 8 months ago when I woke up, heart beating hard and I thought I was having a heart attack (i'm 17 years old, sounds stupid I know). and then I couldn't breathe because I started to have a panic attack (I didn't know that at the time) and shortness of breath, I called 911 and woke my parents up at 3 a.m. panicing and telling them I called the ambulance. They got me outside and waited for the paramedics as i'm still panicing and they don't understand either what's going on. I was put in the ambulance on oxygen and got taken to the hospital. there they said it was a panic attack and prescribed me with .5 of xanax when i felt a panic attack coming on. These last 8 months have been the worst of my life, I constantly think I have HIV/(a word) I can't say it, that's how bad my fear is. It's probably my #1 fear.. is HIV/(a word), even though i've only had sex once (a week ago with girlfriend) , never before and never used hard drugs in my life. My parents are sick of me coming up with random diagnoses, it also doesn't help I majored in health in high school (i'm graduated) so I know alot of possible and rare diseases that constantly fuel my anxiety. I've though of 100 different kind of cancers, or blood disorders, neurological disorders, immune disorders, because I have brain fog I automatically assume it's something serious. my brain fog is also bad. It's 24/7 and slows down my concentration and productivity at work (I work at fast food, steak 'n shake, so it's fast pace and high concentrating). If theres anyone else out there, whos lives got ruined by this kind of anxiety, i'd love to talk to you. Thanks


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It sounds as though you are struggling with intrusive and obsessive thoughts. I'm sorry you have been feeling so anxious. :( I know it is a very distressful feeling. Have you ever talked with a therapist about your anxiety?

Do you enjoy any relaxing activities, Mutton? Deep breathing, exercising, walking?

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