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My girlfriend cuts her self.


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Hello, frosty. It's hard seeing someone we care about in pain. :(

To the best of my knowledge, self-harming is a coping mechanism. Does your girlfriend see a therapist? In therapy she can talk about her emotional pain, and she can also learn new methods to cope with it. This will take time and hard work. I imagine it helps her to know you stand by her and support her.

How are you feeling about this?

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Hey, frosty. I'd say you help her the same way you'd help her with any other problem: you love her and make sure she knows that.

Some things you can't do, any more than you can do them for anyone else: you can't stop her, and you can't change her. Trying to force her to stop may only make her try harder. But accepting her, her scars, her pain and fear, while also telling her that you're concerned for her and hope she gets help ... no matter what happens, she'll be glad she had a friend who cared.

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