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micro penis

te bear

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i have read what was said about a micro penis. i still want to know -why- wasn't my parents give a damn! their both gone and i have sooooo much tro ask. i have a mico equipment that disappears and a last child who was over looked by a sister who broke an arm... i was just there... the number of dates as a teen les thAN one.. have sex with others none till 20+ years ago..

i got lucky and father one son-wife has issues with incest surviving...so i'm left to my own.. I have second stage leukema and had three mini strokes...i am always angery,frustrated and feeling of screwed!!!!

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Hello, and welcome, te bear.

I'm sorry for your pain and illnesses. :-( I hear that it is very frustrating for you and you are feeling angry. I hope you are receiving treatment for your illness and that it is helpful.

Are you able to find joy in any hobbies or activities? Would it help to express yourself more?

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