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Hi everyone,

I havent posted much here in a while but I am trying to keep up :) There's this guy I am interested in and have done everything I possibly can to show him and to get his attention. He works alot over the road and I stay up with him at night to keep him awake and to be there for him. I have helped him financially when he needed it and he finally helped me when I needed it. Anyways he tells me he's single and he doesn't have time for a relationship. But I found out that he lied. Some woman posted pics of those two on his page saying that she loves him and they look mighty comfy together(face so close they could kiss). He still insists he's single. What do I do? do i confront him? stop talking to him? Any input would help. This isnt helping my depression so I need to know what I can do :)

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Anyways he tells me he's single and he doesn't have time for a relationship.

‚ÄčIt's difficult to deduce whether he is romantically involved with the other woman or not without asking him about it. I agree that open discussion with him about that is a good idea. However, either way, it doesn't sound as though he wants or is willing to commit to a relationship at this time. Have you openly expressed your interest in him with him?

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