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My sister needs help


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My sister is 61 years old. She was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic when she was 21 years old. My parents have taken care of her for her entire life. My mother died almost 12 years ago and my father died a year and a half ago. Luckily my father set up a trust fund to provide for her. My sister lives by herself but hasn't taken any medication for the past three years. She is getting further and further detached from reality. My brother and sister and myself are fearful that she will hurt herself or get into an accident. We are not sure where to turn. She will not go to an assisted living community and I'm not sure there is not one who take her. We love her and want to make sure she is happy. She stopped taking her medication because she wanted to be "drug free". The condominium complex she lives in wants to kick her out because she isn't obeying the rules. She basically is living in just her bedroom because she is afraid to go in the other rooms of her home. We need advice as to where she can go to live the remaining part of her life. She is a sweet person that loves music and loves to paint. I can't bear the thought of putting her in some sort of institution.

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Hello, jhulsey, and welcome to the community.

It's always so difficult seeing a loved one struggle. I'm sorry this situation is painful for you. :( I can tell you want what is best for your sister. Is she open to seeing a doctor and possibly listening to what he/she suggests? Do you feel she has enough understanding to make decisions for herself at this time? If she has capacity, it would be difficult to do anything other than make suggestions to her and hope she chooses to help herself. However, if you feel she does not have capacity and could possibly be in danger being on her own, you could consider getting power of attorney or guardianship. I know none of these choices or decisions are easy to make. I hope your family is supporting one another through this. We are here as well to listen and support you, if it helps to express yourself.

Take care.

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