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Please Be More Gentle With Each Other


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I'm a little concerned with the lack of acceptance I've been hearing lately on the SPS forum. The point of having a forum is to try to create a place where everybody feels as safe as possible. That sounds easy until you realize it applies to the other guy, too.

I think to some extent y'all are missing something important about humanity: we're all different. We all have different problems, and we all would have different solutions even if the problems were the same. Those things are still true of any subset of humans, including those who would be interested in a Small Penis Syndrome billboard.

You're all different: different actual sizes, different attitudes towards size; some have been bullied about size, some believe it's a problem without having experienced specific bullying; some have sexual experiences of a more or less humiliating nature, others have no experience.

Yet it seems that whenever someone posts something here that isn't sufficiently ... similar? ... they get attacked. A solution described by a single person gets treated as if it were being offered as the solution for all, when a solution for all doesn't even exist.

I can see too that, in the spirit of wanting to help others, sometimes a person posts their solution(s) as if they would work for everyone. Maybe they would work for several, or even many, but we should all keep in mind that nothing works for everybody. Or rather, no one thing works for everybody, but I remain convinced that something will work for each person; the trick is to find what it is.

Just because someone says a particular thing works for them does not mean that it "should" work for you, or that you would (or "should") even permit whatever it is to happen to you. By no means do I intend to be held responsible for "endorsing" anything anyone suggests here (or in any other forum on the site); the only way I could do that is if I were the only poster allowed. What we provide is a place where people can exchange views, within limits applied to the best of their (our) ability by volunteer moderators and administrators (no person is being paid to moderate or administer this site.)

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