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hello everyone im the newguy


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well hello everyone I'm new here only just signed up so thought I tell you bit about myself

well I see everyone on this forum worrying about being small and thought il put my 2 pence worth in

So let's start I am a 24 year old male living in the old of uk and sadly I was born small and when I say small I don't mean I was born average and believe think I am small because I have seen so many porn videos I mean I am small so small I in fact need a hard on just to pee if I don't wanna get pee all over myself I have to sit down on the loo if I stand up I have to hold and pull my balls to one side and as my penis basically sucks it self up inside me I am just skin when soft and so need a hard on to pee this may change as at the mo I on a diet and need to lose some weight .. well ok I suppose we have people from all over the world here but in the uk in fact any 18yr can drink in clubs pubs and drink even at the age of 16 when your with a family and in fact there is no real law stopping you from drinking at home as long as the child is above 5 mad I know so this means at the age of 14-16 I was out and down the park with friends drinking and having a laugh at the 18 I started going clubbing that's when I know that i was small don't get me wrong amazing I know but I have in fact bedded a few girls mostly when drunk sadly to most girls have been with over 5 guys before they get to the age of 25 here so girls know what small is and believe me most girls will never settle down for anything smaller than 6inches don't blame them I been told I give killer oral but sadly all I can do down below is poke at them and rub myself against them so no women will ever settle for a life of this girls can be black heart I am a good looking guy aged 18 I was fit going gym playing sports I was clubbing pulling girls and believe me I have tried all ways to pick them up on the dance floor to just be laughed at to dating a girl for months before she even seen me naked and believe me no matter how much she says she loves you she will just walk away when your as small as me and then when you do find a girl that says she ok with your size your so paranoid and insecure the r-ship doesn't work .. so I went from being a fit 18yr clubbing going go off to uni spend a year in oz and live the life to losing all my confidence self esteem to being bitter and angry at the world to trying kill myself to over eating adding another 200 pounds of weight to my body to crying and to even being bedroom bound because every where I looked there was happy couples holding hands I never wanted to go out I stopped going out I spent so long stuck indoors reading books I couldn't even watch porn as il just see large porn star penis and all I had was nothing I mean nothing 3inches and only 1inche thick I went from having so many friends males and females I went to having girls texting me telling me drink makes them very horny ;) wanna come over knowing I will never have another girl or action as what's the point in dating when girls laugh even after weeks of dating so I lost everything I lost my mind I wanted to die so badly knowing I will aways be alone and have no one ever again never to get married never to have kids I didn't see the point in living going out side or doing anything just sat at home moaning and eating junk food ... Then my life changed I had to I had to stop this getting me down I can help I was born small I can't go around crying because I have blue eyes I was born this way end of it I had to learn that being alone is ok being small is ok I had to just say you know what this is me if you don't like it p**s off yeah laugh all you want I don't care anymore that I am small I had to get into this frame of mind so I started slowly walking from not going out the house for a few good years to walking dieting still got a little bit to lose around the penis area to getting back to the gym playing sports to going on holidays with the friends to even going to nude beaches I have learnt to learn and except yes sadly I was forced to life like this I was born this way but a gay person is born gay they can't help that and I can't help being small so I go clubbing I get drunk I chat up the girls yes ok I do have downner days where I feel like I can't cope because that amazing girl that's so drop dead stunning that I buy my lunch from in a cafe everyday knows a friend and after going clubbing shows me she likes me and yes it kills me that I can never go any where near her as it will never work out .. and yes I do feel alone but there's more to a r-ship than sex but sadly women will not settle down with a very very small guy so I wil never have that feeling again sharing long walks or having the company

So people ... Stop moaning about your size I know its hard but you have to learn to cope with what you have got as no you can't buy a scam bottle of pills and be big you never will .. stop believing this idea size doesnt matter believe me where I live 95% of 25yrs have slept with a few males before they get to you so if they don't walk away laughing but you can learn to be a softie a the romantic learn about foreplay ... Believe me I have been with girls but for me its so painful and stressful taking 20 girls back just to be laughed at and only have one that stays for the action and so I find dating for me is pointless as its to painful to get close only to be turned away and laughed at but top tips ... You have to believe in yourself dress well keep fit as once you feel and act confident girls will love you believe me take it slow date listening to everything she has to say be dead romantic pick her up go for a candle light dinner have a picnic in the park bring her flowers a teddy with a big red heart make her feel on clown 9 and don't not for one min let her come down again always tell her how nice she looks is its all about the small little things and after all this being a dead softie she will just fall in love with you head over heels now most of you guys are 4.5inches there is positions you can do like putting pillows under her butt to shorten her vagina canal and believe me go out and buy yourself .... A bag .. a blindfold .. handcuffs .. toys .. vibe nipple clamps .. as once you handcuff her blindfold her to the bed and spend such a long time with your hands and mouth over every inche of her body you can turn her on soooo much you could bang her with a party sausage and she will love it .. your have to find a girl that will work with you to find out what's best and works for the both but for me sex like a porn video doggy riding ect just don't work but you guys will just need to find a girl that will be willing to sit down and see what works for the both of you but finding a girl that doesn't run away laughing to going to be hard your gonna have to go though 100s of dates ect and for me that pain is to stressful so I have found inner peace at the mo anyway by not dating maybe when I hit 30 might be a different story but for now I am happy just doing my own thing but its hard every where you go everything you see puts you down mates will try and set you up on a blind date your will fall in love the 1st time u set eyes on her just by looking at this such.stunny girl but you will always no deep down there's no point in having a 2nd date or even swapping numbers then you go off for a weekend camping and music gigs with mates and guess who is coming along and guess who would love some fun over the weekend guess who spends most of her time around you guess who is running her hand up and down your arm all night long .. and don't go saying your gay is doesn't work I tried it and was then just set up on gay blind dates .. text dude meet me for coffee like 30mins ok mate get there sit down guy joins us well this is so and so then walks off and there we are sat there chatty with a openly gay guy now I don't hate gays but to do that is not nice and to have him wink and try and touch your hand well let's just say in the end it was better to just tell my fiends why I have all this girls over me but I nothing take them "home" yes I got the micky taken out of me its always a great laugh but for me I have learnt to cope with this and just use hookers and live life but the stress of dating is to much for me so I am happy being alone and I feel ok walking around nude and jumping into a hottub or walking around a beach in tight trunks as I know this is me if you don't like it simple get loss

so people ...

Learn to except to you are

Be confidence

Learn to cope with all the crap dates a girl will come along

Learn to take things slowly when dating

Be a softie and a dead romantic

Learn to enjoy foreplay .most larger guys are lazy at this

Even go with a hooker as once you learn to be ok with your size a girl will love you hate your size so will the girls

feel well in yourself . do you think a girl is gonna want a guy that sits there in the corner to scared to chat or a guy that is happy smiling cocky confident out going loud funny happy try anything once spontaneous happy go lucky fun loving guy that's a dead romantic that not lazy with foreplay .... It's a long hard hill to walk you will get rejected denied and laughed at by friends males and friends girls will tell there friends and you will see on msn a girl has changed her pic to a naked pic of you you will walk through town and have a girl you once dated with all her friends laughing as making small penis signs with there fingers but if you can cope with all this you will go though all this Hell to find that one women that loves you for you and not a size queen that will just find a jerk end up with 6kids 4 different fathers and a few black eyes alone the way ... Just learn to put your head up high and say to yourself I am small and you know what I don't care

.... Well thanks for reading bit of a long one I know .well I hope I have been of some help I'm not here to moan and cry I have so gone past that I go out clubbing get drunk and strip naked mates nick my clothes but I don't care laugh all you like I been hurt so many times there really is no point any more to crying over it as I am only 24 I might live to 100 if you people don't learn to cope now you will end up killing yourselfs sorry but its true ..

Learn to cope .. much love from the newguy .laters people .over.and out

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