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I get angry..

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Hi Rachel and welcome. :)

I know it always helps me to take a step back from my emotions in order to gain some perspective. This can be very challenging, though. Are you able to identify what sets you off or are you in general feeling angry a lot?

Also, are you currently in therapy?

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I doubt that you would change, either, if you don't want to. After all, some things deserve getting angry at {ignore the grammar, if you would, please.}

Are these situations, where you can't stay calm, causing you trouble? Are they situations where you want to be calm?

It seems like you'd have to start there, by making a conscious decision that there really might be something else you could do, otherwise how can you seek one. Then you can start asking what those other things could be ...

Another piece would be, are there situations where you're not getting angry {whether because you don't think you can, or that you should, or that someone else will let you}, but where you might want to get angry? Sometimes, if we can't let out anger where it happens, we store it for other times, where it comes out suddenly or as a surprise, at least to the other person.

Of course, you'd have to tell us more about what specific situations are difficult, before we could go much further.

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