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Starting to make myself throw up...


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Speaking from one bulimic to another getting dehydrated is not the only danger of bulimia, a consistent acid wash to your teeth and lining of your esophagus can cause other problems, like tooth decay and the possibility of getting a hole in your stomach which cannot be easily fixed. The best thing to lose weight is to work out and eat better. Even if you do lose weight this way you will not only become more addicted, because it starts to feel good doing it after a while but also when you do finally stop you will gain twice as much weight because your body will still think it's being starved so it will store food as fat. In the long run the price is too high to continue the purging, I would suggest seeking professional help. Do you see a psychiatrist? I only ask because sometimes we see what we want to believe.

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please don't continue the behavior. stop while you can! also i drank water after every binge/purge episode and almost died due to water intoxication and had to go to the er and was hospitalized for three weeks. Don't do this to yourself. it will catch up to you and you will die.

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